Hi, I’m Bonnie. I’m a Chicago-based copywriter determined to “get it done while still having fun.” I’ve got great hair, a killer karaoke game, and a love for lists of threes.

I’ve wanted to be a copywriter for as long as I can remember. While it might be a bit weird, that’s me.

I could write about where I’m from and what I’ve done, but it still wouldn’t tell you who I am. Here are the basics: I love potatoes, puppies, and the Oxford comma. I like to write funny things in my spare time, I pride myself in being the right kind of extra, and my board game nights are out of control.

If you still want to know what I’m like, I’ve made a fun chart describing me based off of some characters that we all know and love.


I am…

25% Leslie Knope

I like to stay optimistic and believe in the best of people, I carry a lot of pride for my hometown, and I’m definitely a Harry Potter girl.

18% Liz Lemon

Nerdy writer with a slightly cynical side. Don’t you dare steal my sandwich.

15% Ilana Wexler

I’ve got hustle, I speak what’s on my mind, my friends mean the world to me, and my outfits can’t be beat.

10% Titus Andromedon

I tend to have a bit of a flair for the overdramatic, but I always pull myself together and get the job done.

8% Okoye (from Black Panther)

I’m not here for traditional gender roles, I’m here to kick butt.

6% Louise Belcher

A born leader with high levels of sass and sarcasm.

5% Mrs. Potts

I have a motherly instinct and believe that most things can be solved with some food, a good night’s sleep, and a bit of singing.

5% Carlos Ramon (from The Magic School Bus)

No one appreciates my puns, but at least I know I’m hilarious.

5% Inigo Montoya

I’m an extremely passionate person with an affinity for well-made swords. I’m also on a quest for a six-fingered man.

3% Dr. John A. Zoidberg

I may not always fit the mold, but still like to try and be friends with everyone.